Monday, August 18, 2014

Its Been 100 days..

It was taken on 14 Dis 2013..Fetching U after ur dialysis session
 Abah, it tooks me 100 days to write this..and still my hand is heart is breaking n i'm still crying..I was totally shocked when acik call me and said "Ida, abah dah takde".. I was in Bukit Kechik when i got the call. It was a thing that i always knew it will happend but still i'm hoping it won't happend. But i know abah, Allah loves u more. U had been suffering for almost 5 years since 14 Ramadhan 2010. I'm glad that i had the chance to stay with u for almost a year..and being around u since 2012. 

The convoi to bring u back to Ampang Tinggi

It was ur last vehicle

This is ur home..near to wan n atok

Fell like dreaming when i hold this paper

I returned ur IC

I'm hurt to be here..

Finally..i was shivering when i hold this cert

I came back to visit u on 3rd raya..

It was me n u on 29 Dis 2013
Abah, tq for bringing me out to this world.. Abah, i've been through soooooooooooooooooooooooooooo many things of being ur daughter..its hard to face each day of my life since i understood every single things happend around me...but still abah, it was written there right. Yes, i'm choosen to be ur daughter. I'm strong as i'm grow older.. Forgive me abah, if i didn't make it to be ur very best daughter. And i had forgive u for everything happened in my whole life..

Abah, i really hope that i'll be with u and all my brothers n sisters in Jannah.....

Md.Aris Idin
05.10.1959 - 10.05.2014

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